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Touring the Capitol

By Jake Mauff  I was on the Hill the day James Comey testified in front of the Senate. That’s a bit greater description than the story warrants, but it happened nonetheless. I was told I’d be going to the Capitol before I showed up in DC. My internship hyped me up even more and that […]

Gender Lens Conference

By Nicole Dan Despite the large number of women currently getting their degrees in journalism, the field is still largely male. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend the Pulitzer Center’s Gender Lens Conference last week. Getting to rub elbows with people at the top of their field was an amazing experience. At the […]

The Time I Got My Own Seat

By Makena Kelly A few weeks ago, after I had straggled my way back from the Federal Communications Commission, my editor walked up to me and said, “Welcome back. I have another story for ya’.” Whenever my editor tells me that I get excited. He assigned me to cover an Energy and Commerce Committee hearing […]

Good Food, Better Friends

By David Jensen Coming to D.C. was a big change of scenery for me, and I mean that literally. Growing up in a small town of less than five thousand people where the tallest building is probably the tip of a church steeple, doesn’t exactly prepare you to live on your own in a metropolitan […]

Now I Know How to Make Copies

By Madi Bowers So, it’s not only a copier, apparently, it’s a copier/printer/scanner.  My direct supervisor at work, A, asked me to make copies of 43 pages of important business documents. She said the copier is self explanatory and just to be sure that I kept everything in the same order as she had given […]

Life as a DC Student in WMI

By Merdie Nzanga It was April 4, 2014 – the day I received my acceptance letter to American University. Oh yay me! I’m going to Washington, DC! Here I was leaving my home in Seattle, WA and going all the way across the nation’s capital. Although I later left AU, I transferred to Howard University […]

The nitty gritty of everyday court life

By Thamar Bailey Going to court is not what TNT movies make it out to be. There’s not a mass crowd in the room, there’s no gavel calling for attention or crowd outbursts. As an intern for a homicide tracking blog, I’ve had the honor of going to court almost everyday and let me tell you […]

A Different Kind of WMI Student

By Kristina Orrego Most days, I’m up by 5 a.m. 6:30 is nothing short of glorious. Then, I hop in my car and make the 45-minute pilgrimage from Stafford, Virginia (I chose to live with my uncle there to save money on housing) to the Franconia-Springfield metro station, swerving on the EZ pass lanes past […]

Top Ten Emojis and When to Use Them

By Scott Silberstein Here is the definitive list of the 10 best emojis (in no particular order), what they mean, and when to use them.   2. Yikes – basically that face you make when your roommate asks what you’re doing this weekend but you already made plans without them. Use sparingly, this personal favorite of mine can […]

Budgeting Done Right in the District

By Molly Farrell    When I first moved into my apartment at WISH, I knew I was going to be doing a lot of cooking because going out to eat all the time was going to get expensive. In my opinion, cooking is so much more fun and healthier because you can make anything you want in […]