Ankle weights

By Claire Dietz “We’re gonna throw you in the deep end, with ankle weights.” We were told this on our first day. They weren’t kidding. I’m from a suburb, but go to school in Iowa City, Iowa. There I’m used to working for a hyperlocal student paper that regularly runs up against other papers throughout […]

Let’s Metro – Or Not

By Christine Figliozzi Oh, the Metro. What an unassuming enemy. If growing up in the D.C. metro area has taught me one thing, it’s that the Metro can either be your best friend, or worst enemy. All depending on the day, of course. More often than not, the Metro is my knight in shining armor. […]

The goal is to report, to inform, and to remain objective

By Alex Segell  Attorneys arrive in bland and expressionless suits, so passé you wouldn’t be able to remember details even if you tried. They smile at one another candidly, shaking hands or even embracing for a hug. Offering quips here and there, they make small talk and humor each other with light laughter. In the […]