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In today’s world defined by the internet of everything, every successful organization is engaged in the art of storytelling.

It may be the story of your company, or your product or your cause. And every story is told to an audience: the boss, the client, a potential funder, a jury. How effectively you shape your story and engage your audience will determine your organization’s success.

But how can you tell your story better to increase your professional success?

The answer is the Washington Media Institute’s new ART OF ENGAGEMENT seminar that will unlock the power of your story and then provide the insights on how to apply those skills to best reach your audience.

Traditional media consulting presents media skills and messaging as storytelling. But messaging and storytelling are very different skills. The ART OF ENGAGEMENT is a totally new approach that isolates and teaches each skill set, building a complete communications foundation for success.

The ART OF ENGAGEMENT workshops are an outgrowth of the revolutionary educational program developed by the Washington Media Institute. WMI is proven success is based on replacing the traditional academic goal of specific knowledge transfer with deep-tissue understanding that shapes long-term practice.

“Stephanie Garibaldi is simply the best story coach in the world.”

Kate LawrenceFounder of Story Wise, TEDx and keynote speaker

“Stephanie Garibaldi taught me story skills in such a thorough, effective way, that when I applied my new skills to my trial work, I won a $5 million settlement for my next client.”

Latif DomanAttorney in Washington, DC

“Amos was able to get my central office team to understand how media played into what we do and then showed how each of us could be more effective. In a course of three sessions, he changed our whole approach to outreach.”

SJaya BohlmanVP Communications, Sodexho

“A dynamic and engaging presenter who helped us figure out what was the best media strategy for us and then showed us how to do it. We had high hopes. Amos exceeded them. Brilliant!”

Alzbeta KleinDirector, Global Business, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)