The Time I Got My Own Seat

By Makena Kelly A few weeks ago, after I had straggled my way back from the Federal Communications Commission, my editor walked up to me and said, “Welcome back. I have another story for ya’.” Whenever my editor tells me that I get excited. He assigned me to cover an Energy and Commerce Committee hearing […]

Good Food, Better Friends

By David Jensen Coming to D.C. was a big change of scenery for me, and I mean that literally. Growing up in a small town of less than five thousand people where the tallest building is probably the tip of a church steeple, doesn’t exactly prepare you to live on your own in a metropolitan […]

Now I Know How to Make Copies

By Madi Bowers So, it’s not only a copier, apparently, it’s a copier/printer/scanner.  My direct supervisor at work, A, asked me to make copies of 43 pages of important business documents. She said the copier is self explanatory and just to be sure that I kept everything in the same order as she had given […]