D.C. Drivers

By Carly Fernandes Living in Lafayette, California for my whole life, I have not been exposed to much.  As everyone from my area says, my town is a bubble. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel 20 minutes into the beautiful cities of San Francisco and Oakland, but they are nothing like […]

Is There Room in the National Budget for a Dehumidifier?

By Michael Preston It has quickly become the thing I dread the most about every morning. No, not the alarm. Not the daily grind of the upcoming workday. Not even the small fortune that I’ll inevitably be spending on food for the rest of the day. Nope – the thing I dread the most every […]

Ankle weights

By Claire Dietz “We’re gonna throw you in the deep end, with ankle weights.” We were told this on our first day. They weren’t kidding. I’m from a suburb, but go to school in Iowa City, Iowa. There I’m used to working for a hyperlocal student paper that regularly runs up against other papers throughout […]