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WMI offers Fall, Spring, and Summer Programs

Fall/Spring Semester

  • 15-week-long program
  • Follows the traditional semester calendar
  • Earn 12-16 academic credits

Summer Semester

  • 10-week-long program
  • Streamlined WMI experience
  • Earn at least 6 academic credits

At WMI, we believe in learning by doing, so we use class time to hone the skills you’ll be using in your field: writing, video editing, and branding. And we promise we won’t waste your time. Our classes are rigorous and require you  to produce professional level work individually and in groups.

At the end of the semester, you’ll use all the skills you have learned in a “commission” project – a DC organization has a media issue that you resolve. This isn’t just a student project; this is real work for a real company.

With WMI, you’ll live and learn in Washington, DC, gain real world experience, and earn credit to take back to your university – up to 16 credits.