Spending My Last Semester of College in DC

By Tja Shorr I never thought I would find myself in the middle of the election season in my last semester of college standing in the heart of Washington, DC. But here I am. And I couldn’t be happier.  The CU in DC Media Track program – that partners with the Washington Media Institute – […]

My Time at Monumental Sports & Entertainment

By Mark Couch A couple days before I left to begin my semester in D.C., I thought about how I would be interning for Monumental Sports & Entertainment and getting to see the D.C. sports scene first hand. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I figured it would be a good time. My experience […]

The Election Night No One Expected

By Lauren Gantenbein A few weeks ago during a Friday discussion centered around politics, a political journalist guest speaker told our class, “The election is over.” I think the majority of us, no matter what side you are on, thought the same thing. However, the election night took us all by surprise. Election Tuesday was […]