Gender Lens Conference

By Nicole Dan Despite the large number of women currently getting their degrees in journalism, the field is still largely male. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend the Pulitzer Center’s Gender Lens Conference last week. Getting to rub elbows with people at the top of their field was an amazing experience. At the […]

The Time I Got My Own Seat

By Makena Kelly A few weeks ago, after I had straggled my way back from the Federal Communications Commission, my editor walked up to me and said, “Welcome back. I have another story for ya’.” Whenever my editor tells me that I get excited. He assigned me to cover an Energy and Commerce Committee hearing […]

Good Food, Better Friends

By David Jensen Coming to D.C. was a big change of scenery for me, and I mean that literally. Growing up in a small town of less than five thousand people where the tallest building is probably the tip of a church steeple, doesn’t exactly prepare you to live on your own in a metropolitan […]