Now I Know How to Make Copies

By Madi Bowers So, it’s not only a copier, apparently, it’s a copier/printer/scanner.  My direct supervisor at work, A, asked me to make copies of 43 pages of important business documents. She said the copier is self explanatory and just to be sure that I kept everything in the same order as she had given […]

Life as a DC Student in WMI

By Merdie Nzanga It was April 4, 2014 – the day I received my acceptance letter to American University. Oh yay me! I’m going to Washington, DC! Here I was leaving my home in Seattle, WA and going all the way across the nation’s capital. Although I later left AU, I transferred to Howard University […]

The nitty gritty of everyday court life

By Thamar Bailey Going to court is not what TNT movies make it out to be. There’s not a mass crowd in the room, there’s no gavel calling for attention or crowd outbursts. As an intern for a homicide tracking blog, I’ve had the honor of going to court almost everyday and let me tell you […]