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QU in DC with the Washington Media Institute

Earn credit from Quinnipiac University

If you are a student at Quinnipiac University, you can attend the Washington Media Institute through the QU in DC program.

Earn QU credit, pay your normal tuition, and spend the spring, fall, or summer in Washington, DC. You’ll intern full-time at a top media organization and network with some of the best professionals DC has to offer – all while taking a full semester’s worth of courses.

Put the skills you’ve learned on campus to the test while gaining hands-on experience in your field by joining us in DC today.

How do I apply to QU in DC with the Washington Media Institute?

To apply to QU in DC with the Washington Media Institute, you first need to speak with Professor Scott McLean. He is the Director of the QU in DC program and will walk you through all the paperwork you need to complete for the university. Once the appropriate paperwork has been completed, you will apply for the program through our website by clicking here.

What sort of credit will I earn if I attend?

Quinnipiac students will earn Quinnipiac credit for their time at the Washington Media Institute. Students who attend in the fall or spring semesters will earn 12-16 QU credits and students who attend in the summer will earn approximately 6 QU credits. For more information regarding your specific credit requirements, please contact Professor Scott McLean, Director of the QU in DC program.

What’s the cost of QU in DC with WMI?

Students who participate in QU in DC with the Washington Media Institute pay the regular Quinnipiac University tuition to attend. However, because we do provide students with housing, there is an additional fee. That fee is paid directly through the Quinnipiac University as well and costs about the same as staying a semester in on-campus housing

I have financial aid - can I use that to attend QU in DC with WMI?

Yes! You can apply the scholarships and other financial aid packages that you are receiving on campus to your time in DC through the QU in DC program.

Will I have to find my internship in DC on my own?

Definitely not – we’re here to help! It can be difficult to find an internship in Washington when you’re in Connecticut, that’s where we come in. WMI staff works with QU in DC students to find the perfect internship for you by assessing your experience level, gauging your interests, and opening doors that might otherwise be shut. To learn more about the internship placement process, click here.

Where will I live while I am attending the program?

We partner with the Washington Intern Student Housing organization to provide students with housing here in Washington, DC. To learn more about housing, please click here.

I have more questions - who can I talk to on campus?

If you’re interested in QU in DC with the Washington Media Institute, we encourage you to speak with the Director of the QU in DC program, Professor Scott McLean. You could also find more information by speaking with Lila Carney, the Director of Advising and Student Development in the School of Communications.

If you have other questions or concerns, we’re happy to chat with you as well. You can send us an email by clicking here.

FAQ didn’t answer your question?

Send us an email at! We’re happy to chat with you about any questions you might have or to give you more information about WMI.