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Is There Room in the National Budget for a Dehumidifier?

By Michael Preston It has quickly become the thing I dread the most about every morning. No, not the alarm. Not the daily grind of the upcoming workday. Not even the small fortune that I’ll inevitably be spending on food for the rest of the day. Nope – the thing I dread the most every […]

Ankle weights

By Claire Dietz “We’re gonna throw you in the deep end, with ankle weights.” We were told this on our first day. They weren’t kidding. I’m from a suburb, but go to school in Iowa City, Iowa. There I’m used to working for a hyperlocal student paper that regularly runs up against other papers throughout […]

Let’s Metro – Or Not

By Christine Figliozzi Oh, the Metro. What an unassuming enemy. If growing up in the D.C. metro area has taught me one thing, it’s that the Metro can either be your best friend, or worst enemy. All depending on the day, of course. More often than not, the Metro is my knight in shining armor. […]

The goal is to report, to inform, and to remain objective

By Alex Segell  Attorneys arrive in bland and expressionless suits, so passé you wouldn’t be able to remember details even if you tried. They smile at one another candidly, shaking hands or even embracing for a hug. Offering quips here and there, they make small talk and humor each other with light laughter. In the […]

Navigation Skills

By Blake Balfrey     If my family were to give you one piece of advice about me, it would be to never trust me with directions – ever. Just don’t do it. Until just a few weeks ago, I have lived my life in familiar places all filled with wonderful and resourceful people to help me. Mid-May however, […]

Touring the Capitol

By Jake Mauff  I was on the Hill the day James Comey testified in front of the Senate. That’s a bit greater description than the story warrants, but it happened nonetheless. I was told I’d be going to the Capitol before I showed up in DC. My internship hyped me up even more and that […]

Gender Lens Conference

By Nicole Dan Despite the large number of women currently getting their degrees in journalism, the field is still largely male. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend the Pulitzer Center’s Gender Lens Conference last week. Getting to rub elbows with people at the top of their field was an amazing experience. At the […]

The Time I Got My Own Seat

By Makena Kelly A few weeks ago, after I had straggled my way back from the Federal Communications Commission, my editor walked up to me and said, “Welcome back. I have another story for ya’.” Whenever my editor tells me that I get excited. He assigned me to cover an Energy and Commerce Committee hearing […]

Good Food, Better Friends

By David Jensen Coming to D.C. was a big change of scenery for me, and I mean that literally. Growing up in a small town of less than five thousand people where the tallest building is probably the tip of a church steeple, doesn’t exactly prepare you to live on your own in a metropolitan […]

Now I Know How to Make Copies

By Madi Bowers So, it’s not only a copier, apparently, it’s a copier/printer/scanner.  My direct supervisor at work, A, asked me to make copies of 43 pages of important business documents. She said the copier is self explanatory and just to be sure that I kept everything in the same order as she had given […]