Over the past several years, we at the Washington Media Institute have heard from recent grads who are looking to start their career in the media, but really don’t know where to start.

Students who aren’t one of the lucky few to lock in a job before graduation often struggle to find the next best step. Graduate programs can set students back several years and tens of thousands of dollars and moving back in with the parents and sending out applications daily can feel futile.

That’s why we at WMI have created JobLab, a unique program crafted to act as a small bridge for students who need a little extra something to land their first job in media.

Sound like you? Here’s how it works:

THE PROGRAM BEGINS WHEN YOU APPLY: Our faculty works with you to find the area of the media that best suits your interests and abilities and works with you to identify the best internships available.  We then work with you on your resume and interview preparation so that when you get a chance to interview you make the right impression. As part of WMI:JobLab, we guarantee an internship, so as you work through that internship, WMI staff will meet with you to discuss your experiences and help you as you move toward the full time career. Internships are five days a week.

MENTORSHIP: WMI will also assign you a mentor who is working at the top levels of the media in which you hope to build a career. They meet with you four times during the program to offer insight, advice and guidance as you move towards a career.

NETWORKING:WMI will also provide you a membership of the trade association most associated with your industry, including The National Press Club, The Online News Association, the Public Relations Society of America. That gives you immediate entry to the top professionals who are the ones who do the hiring or know where the hiring is happening. Additionally, to further help you develop your network WMI:JobLab provides you a weekly schedule of events and meetups in DC so that you can attend events and meet both peers and people who are thriving in the industry.

WEEKLY CLASS: WMI:JobLab has a mandatory one evening a week meeting that focuses on professional development ranging from key aspects of professional life to meeting industry leaders. Classes include guest speakers, field visits to top media organizations, and lectures.

Intrigued? Click here to learn more about our program and for everything you need to know about applying.