Here’s a scenario: You just graduated from a very good college or university, investing a ton of time and money towards getting a degree, but now your next step is extremely unclear.

You’ve dreamed of starting a career in journalism, social or digital media, advertising, or public relations, but as you continue to send out cover letters and apply to jobs, you’re starting to realize getting a call back from a hiring manager might take longer than expected.

Sound familiar? We’re here for you.

Introducing WMI’s:JobLab, which is designed specifically for recent graduates who are not sure how or where to find media jobs, how to build a network or do not have the experience even entry-level media positions are demanding these days. We focus on getting the right opportunities before you and helping you navigate that transition to the workforce.

WMI:JobLab is not a Masters program that requires a year or two of classroom study, nor a virtual program that claims it can help get you a job through online courses. It also won’t cost an arm and a leg for a degree that in the end may not benefit your job search.

WMI:JobLab is essentially a semester-long boot camp focused on getting you the experience, the network, and the mentorship you need to kickstart your career and to get your foot in the door at major media organizations.

Featuring internships, classes, networking sessions, and mentorship, WMI:JobLab is a different kind of program, specifically crafted to help recent graduates land media jobs in today’s rat-race.

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